What Are You (Not) Thinking About?

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Shalom aleichem!

The children of the third Lubavitcher Rebbe were gathered together, and the youngest son, Rabbi Shmuel, recounted the following episode:

I was once learning a very difficult passage in the Talmud. My study partner was a great scholar, yet neither of us were able to make sense of the text.

Our father was in the adjacent room. He suddenly entered, looked at the text we were laboring over, and explained it with great clarity.

After completing his lucid explanation, he said, “I have not thought about this in 35 years.”

After Rabbi Shmuel recounted this story, his brother Rabbi Yehuda Leib said, “The amazing thing is not that our father remembered something he thought about 35 years ago… no!

“What is truly astonishing is that our father remembers with absolute certainty that for the last 35 years he did not think about it! Every single thing he thought about during that time is perfectly preserved within his mind, and he knows decidedly what he did not think about!”
* * *
Although life is not a list of do’s and dont’s, each of us is made up of the things we do, as well as the things we don’t do.

Shabbat Shalom!

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