The Rich Man

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There was once a rich man who visited the Mezritcher Maggid. During the course of their discussion, the Maggid inquired what the man ate on a regular day.
“I make do with the bare minimum,” replied the rich man, “just bread with salt.”
“You should eat meat and drink wine, like all affluent people!” responded the Maggid.
The chassidim were perplexed: Why does the Maggid care what the rich man eats?
“Don’t think that I’m worried about him,” the Maggid told them. “I’m concerned about the poor man!
“You see, if the rich man eats meat and drinks wine every day, then he’ll know that the poor man needs at least bread with salt. However, if the rich man makes do with bread and salt, then he may think that for the poor man, stones will suffice….”
Shabbat Shalom!

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